“hearth” is an autobiographical investigation that brings together photographs, archive images and personal documents, produced between France and Argentina in 2022 and 2023.

The essay takes a personal look at uprootedness, the act of belonging and the concept of “home”.

Its title comes from Old English and refers both to the place of belonging -home- and to where the fire is made to gather and warm up -fireplace-, in community, in family.

Migrating is an act of dispossession; we must forge armor to withstand the process.

We become foreigners everywhere; to return is never to go back, we never return to the same place. Arriving and returning are not the same thing.

This work is about longing for home, not the physical home but the longing to belong, exploring and sharing the feelings of latent nostalgia and dispossession, I invite reflection on the edges of uprootedness.

A home is not only built of bricks.

Accompanied and guided by Veronica Fieiras

eSTUDIOG gallery - Argentina - 2024

Proyect’s dummy

Edition data:
on dummy phase
20 × 25cm
Semi-rigid cover 540gr
swiss binding, open spine
86 pages, 115g mat

Shortilisted on the Athens Photo Festival 2024 (AphF 2024) for the main exhibitoin program - Grece -  2024

Shortlisted on The Eyes Wide Open - The Eyes Publishing First Book Award - France - 2024

Shortlisted on the Fotografia Europea + Skinnerboox BOOK AWARD - Italy -  2024

Distingued with an hounourable mention by Lucie Foundation - USA - 2023.

Showcased on:

BROAD Magazine

SafeLight Berlin


Fotosfera Club

Marca Blanca Press

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